What Mushroom? What Season?

Wild Mushrooms

When, Where & What to bring.

To get started I would recommend going on an escorted mushroom hunt led by a good mycologist or well-informed person to ensure you get to know what to look for, where to look, when to look and most important the ones to avoid.

When to look: Humidity and rain are the main triggers.  Spring and Summer months after a spell of steady rain combined with the mildish warm weather.  Mild damp Autumn and winter days also produces bumper crops with the right conditions.

Where to Look: The mushrooms we pick in the wild are only the fruit of a parent plant that consists of a web of tiny subterranean threads called mycelium.  Each specie has a favoured environment so as we hunt for mushrooms it is equally important to identify the trees, forests and rotting organic matter we are looking at to ensure we are on the right trail.  The most common habitats are hardwood forests, softwood forests, mixed forests, mature pasture land, parkland, and some urban environments.

What to take:  a basket is useful to prevent the fungi getting bruised also a small knife or foraging knife, a mushroom identification book and some rain gear in the event of inclement weather. A diary is also a good idea to keep a record of when and where you found certain species.

Add a few friends or family and make it a really fun day of discovery.

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